Have you ever heard of the company Basecamp? If you haven’t go check them out, they are really uniquely successful.

One thing that stuck with me whilst reading their blog was a piece of business advice they got from their investor Jeff Bezos:

„Find the things that won’t change in your business and invest heavily in those things.“

‍As obvious as this truism might seem it is also one of the hardest things to identify in any industry.

Take movies for example. Blockbuster lead the rental industry for decades. A well-known brand, millions of customers, and stores in every city failed to provide any edge against Netflix and ended in bankruptcy.

F‍or movie rentals the constant things are a wide selection and the convenience in watching it. With Blockbuster relying heavily on late fees they had no incentive to make the service more convenient while the cost structure of a retails giant made it hard to keep up with the low-touch model of Netflix*.

‍What does this mean for the hospitality industry and for us as a company? What will guests want from hotels in 5-10 years? I doubt that they will say „I wish the service at the hotel wasn’t so good“ or „I wish it was harder to get an answer from the staff“.

Hotels are about people and service. Guest-service is the ultimate quality hotels provide. It makes them unique, successful and competitive. This was true in the past and this will be true through the coming decade.

‍That is why we have chosen to double down on our chat product going forward. Chat and messaging give hotels the means to demonstrate their underlying attitude and exceptional service to the widest possible audience.

Our goal is it to help hotels provide the right information at the right time on the right channel.

‍To reflect this we have changed the name of our family of products to inflow.
(information and flow – the constant exchange of information).

‍Ultimately guests will always expect personal service from a hotel and hotels will always want to provide this service. Technology can help crafting a different and modern experience, make work and interaction easier and help hotels to increase their profit. But first and foremost hospitality remains about people, personal interaction, and how hotels communicate with their guests. That is what makes hotels unique and where inflow helps hotels succeed.