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Connect with your guests where they already are.

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Leading hotels chat with inflow


Instant service

Provide the level of care that your guests expect on whichever messaging channel or app the guest chooses ti engage with you.

Personalized Messages

The right information at the right time

Smart message delivery gets relevant information to each guest. Your visitors are more engaged and feel closer to your hotel.

Conversion Boost

Increase direct bookings

Informed guests feel more confident booking directly with you and are even spending more on their stay.


The helping voice for your staff

Our chatbot helps your team deliver great service. By answering regular questions automatically we help your staff focus on personal service.


Connect inflow with the tools you already use

inflow can be integrated with the system of over 50 partners using a few lines of code.

+ many more

Clients worldwide are using inflow

  • Olaf Feuerstein Inflow
    “Mit inflow steigern wir unsere direkten Buchungen. Gäste schätzen und nutzen diese Art der Kommunikation.”
    Olaf Feuerstein
    Geschäftsführer, Freizeit In

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